Are You Ready for Your Child’s Swimming Lesson?

The ISR Difference; A recipe for success

Lesson Structure

  • Lessons for each new student are 5 days a week, typically Monday thru Friday
  • Each individual lesson is a maximum of 10 minutes in duration.
  • Each lesson is taught by the same, highly trained and ISR Certified Instructor. Having the same, skilled instructor helps your child build trust and confidence quickly.
  • The program is completed once the student can complete the entire self-rescue sequence unassisted and in clothes typically 6 to 8 weeks.

The Survival Sequence: What my child will learn?

6 months old to walking: Roll Back to Float Method

At this age, the safest possible option for a child if they were to enter a body of water alone would be to roll over onto their back and float and to remain floating until help arrives. This position is the safest the easiest for a baby, and can be effortlessly maintained for a long intervals once mastered.

Your child will learn:

  • To hold their breath underwater. We will not move forward in a lesson until your child is effectively holding their breath. Any program that encourages vomiting or claims it is normal during swimming is unsafe!
  • To right themselves onto their back and into a stable float from any entry into the water (head-first, face first, back first, and feet first)
  • To float unassisted, resting and breathing until help arrives- adjusting the float as necessary
  • To perform these ISR Self-Rescue Skills first in a swim suit and fully clothed in a diaper and eventually a snow suit.

Walking to 6 years of age: Swim-Float-Swim Method

You have seen this scenario before- your toddler walks right to the edge of the of the pool, ready to jump in, whether or not you are there to catch them. Their confidence level is far beyond their competence level. With ISR training, your child will be able to swim independently and learn to move at their own pace toward the safety of the side of the pool or the shores of the pond, lake or body of water. I will work with your little one’s individual learning style to help them gain both competence and confidence in and around the water. ISR and myself are passionate about water safety and I will instill a healthy respect for the water while giving them the necessary skills to survive if they reach and enter the water alone. 

Your Child Will Learn:

  • To hold their breath underwater. We will not move forward in lessons until your child is effectively holding their breath. Any program that encourages vomiting or claims it is normal during swimming is unsafe.
  • Swim with their head down in the water
  • Roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe
  • Roll back over to resume swimming position. They will repeat this swim-float-swim sequence until they reach, they side of the pool
  • To perform these ISR Self-Rescue skills first in a swimsuit, full clothed and eventually in a snowsuit.

Future Steps: Maintaining Life Saving Skills.

Swimming is a sensory-motor skill, just like learning how to crawl, walk or ride a bike. Once your child’s body has been taught the ISR Self Rescue sequence, they will not forget it. However, just like all sensory-motor skills, practice makes perfect! Two options; Refresher is comprised of 1 to 2 weeks throughout the year, or Maintenance lessons which are 1 or 2 lessons a month or what you and instructor decide what would be best for your child.

ISR recommends that all students, especially between the ages of 12 months to 4 years of age return to an ISR Instructor once a year for refresher lessons. Refresher lessons usually last about half of the time it took the child to become fully skilled in the first session. 

Children grow physically, emotionally and mentally very quickly in their first 6 years of their lives. Their center of gravity will change as their limbs become longer and their concept of water changes as their brains become more advanced. Refresher lessons help children assimilate to their new bodies and thinking skills to the previous ISR skills they  learned so they can continue to swim safely and effectively. Remember that your child does not “forget” the skills acquired with ISR. However, most children are not regularly in the water in the Mid-West during the fall and winter months and practicing is a key element as your child grows. Refreshers Lessons are designed to help your child adjust to their new mature body and mind to reinforce their confidence in the water.

Scheduling Information

Scheduling lessons are critical part of the first steps of your child learning ISR. There are 2 steps to getting started. First you need to book on the Scheduler. Then you will receive an email with how to registrar with ISR.

You need to look at your schedule and your child’s schedule for a constant time that you have available for 5 days a week for 10 minutes. Once you have decided on a time and the time is available on the scheduler you will need to finish the Gateway ISR Registration on the Scheduler. You will be prompted to pay the first week of lessons to secure your child’s time slot. The first week of lessons will only be refunded if you give a minimum of 2 WEEKS cancellation notice via email (

Once you have secured your time slot on the Scheduler you will receive an email that will give you instructions on how to register with ISR ($105/$35). Read this email thoroughly, it will have basic information on lessons, what to expect and most importantly the LINK to ISR, it will be indicated as ISR Registration in blue, click it and it will automatically take you to ISR. 

Once you get to the ISR registration website follow the instructions, fill out the online nonrefundable ISR registration and pay ($105/$35). Every student is evaluated before beginning lessons to ensure the safety lessons possible. The personalized ISR Registration is reviewed by pediatric nurses and you might be asked for additional information before lessons start to make sure lessons are tailored to your child’s needs. This provides ISR with an in-depth look at your child’s health, medical history, and aquatic environment experience. All registration materials are kept confidential and reviewed only by ISR-certified personnel.

Important Reminders

Steps to Take for Your Child to Participate in ISR Lessons

  1. Schedule lessons for your target set date
    1. Pay the deposit for the first week of lessons.
  2. Fill out the ISR registration
    1. The ISR Registration link will be coming to via an email after you pay the deposit. You can not start lessons until ISR approves your child's registration.
  3. READ The Parent Resource Handbook once registered via ISR. This will allow you and your child to have successful lessons.
  4. Order your cloth swim diapers via ISR with your $15 off coupon (pays for one diaper)
  5. Note payment is due on Monday’s of lessons.
  6. Put lessons on your family calendar.
  7. Lessons are 6-8 weeks, 10 minutes a day for 5 days a weeks.
  8. Gather a swim bag for lessons to include 3 towels, either 2 cloth swim diapers or one disposable and one cloth swim diaper, and bring extra dry clothes and anything else you need to bring poolside.
  9. Please note and schedule to arrive 15 minutes before class so you and your child are ready for lessons.

What to Bring

  • Two Swim Diapers - Preferably one or two cloths on top of a disposable Little Swimmers® diaper. Please note that cloth swim diapers are different than cloth diapers.
  • Three Towels - Refer to Lesson Guidelines and the Parent Resource Guide for reasons on why you need three towels.
  • All daily and first day documents are done electronically via an iPad poolside.


I appreciate you taking the time to read all information provided so that you can be prepared for your child’s first day of lessons. I know that it’s a lot of information to take in, which allows  Gateway ISR and ISR to be the safest providers of survival swimming lessons. ISR and myself truly care that each child has a safe lesson every lesson.

As a parent myself, I believe in communicating everything clearly to my swim parents so that you have all your questions answered up front. Your child’s success in lessons is of utmost importance to me, and I thank you for entrusting me with the amazing opportunity to teach them to be competent and confident swimmers and floaters! I look forward to partnering with you in this endeavor!

NOTE: If you have a planned vacation that will fall on your child’s scheduled lesson weeks, please email us before scheduling. Lessons are 10 minutes per day and 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday for an average of six to eight weeks. Please plan and schedule accordingly.