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Insights Into Our Trainings

Discover the depth of our training expertise. From the science behind our 10-minute lessons to active parent involvement, personalized approaches, and aquatic problem-solving experiences, explore what sets our survival swimming program apart. Dive in.

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    Why 10-Minute ISR Lessons?

    Survival swimming lessons, lasting 10 minutes a day, 5 times a week on average for 6–8 weeks, are backed by years of research. This approach, teaching infants and young children one-on-one in 10-minute intervals, is proven as the safest and most effective for survival swimming.

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    Understanding "BUDS" for Personalized Lessons

    Before each lesson, a BUDS (bowel, urine, diet, sleep) discussion with the instructor ensures a tailored approach.

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    3 Lines of Defense Against Drowning

    Effective Adult Supervision, Barriers to Entry, and Survival Swimming Lessons create three vital defenses against drowning. Even with aquatic skills, no child is "drown-proofed," emphasizing the need for preventive measures.

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    Barriers to Entry

    Secure your pool with proper fencing, gates, and alarms—a fundamental defense layer. Ensure fences are at least 4 feet high, permanently installed, and feature a self-latching gate for enhanced safety.

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    Parent Involvement and Education

    ISR lessons aren't just for your child; parents are actively involved. Receive an ISR Parent Resource Book, guiding you on water safety for your home and family, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

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    Mighty Achievements

    ISR prioritizes safety for each and every lesson.

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    Effective Adult Supervision

    Designate a vigilant adult with a 100% focus on water safety. This proactive measure is crucial, forming the initial defense line to keep your child secure around water.

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    Survival Swimming Lessons

    Explore ISR's 50-year legacy in providing the world's safest survival swimming lessons. Tailored for ages 6 months and beyond, ISR's Self-Rescue techniques instill water confidence and competence in every child.

Why Choose Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)

At ISR, we redefine swimming instruction by imparting crucial aquatic survival techniques designed to empower children in the event they find themselves near water unattended. With over 50 years of experience, ISR's proven Self-Rescue program offers unparalleled benefits:

Safety First

  • Unique Medical Review: Before lessons, a dedicated team of medical professionals assesses your child's medical history, ensuring a safe and tailored approach.
  • Proven Protocols: ISR's protocols have facilitated over 8 million safe and effective lessons, instilling confidence in individually certified ISR Instructors.

Parent Education

  • Learning: ISR's program extends beyond children; parents receive education on aquatic safety and drowning prevention during lessons.

Problem Solving

  • Age-Appropriate Survival Sequences: Your child, post-lessons, demonstrates age-appropriate survival skills, including roll-back-to-float and/or swim-float-swim.
  • Foundation for a Lifetime: Instructors gently guide your child, laying the foundation for a lifetime of aquatic problem solving and safety.

Rich History

  • 50+ Years of Excellence: ISR's safety record, outstanding results, and qualified Instructor base are a testament to over 50 years of dedicated research, development, and 8 million successful lessons.

Qualified Instructors

  • Intensive Training: Your child learns from highly qualified Instructors who undergo an intensive 8-week program, combining in-water and academic training.
  • Annual Recertification: Instructors undergo specialized annual recertification to uphold the highest safety standards and instructional quality.

Lifetime of Aquatic
Problem Solving

  • Beyond Traditional Lessons: ISR's Self-Rescue program integrates developmentally appropriate survival training, instilling competence and confidence for a lifetime of water enjoyment.